Artist, Art Historian, Collector, Dealer, Advisor, and Philanthropist

Artist, Art Historian, Collector,
Advisor, and Philanthropist

This website was conceived to provide a current
and thorough view of Roberto Polo’s creative output,
his kaleidoscopic life and its singular impact on our world.

  • An art prodigy
    Eugenia Sheppard, The New York Post, 1975
  • One of the ten people who have made a difference in the art world over the past 15 years.
    Amy Page, Chief Editor, Art & Auction Fifteenth Anniversary Issue, 1994
  • The Eye
    Valérie Duponchelle, Le Figaro, 2004
  • The great collector Roberto Polo
    Philippe Dufour, Connaissance des Arts, 2005
  • Erudite collector and researcher
    Béatrice de Rochebouet, Le Figaro, 2006
  • The wonderful phoenix of the art market
    Philippe Garner to Christopher Mason, The New York Times, 2006
  • Explorer of decorative arts, his talent explores a universe ignored by the rest of the art market
    Laurence Mouillefarine, Architectural Digest, France, 2006
  • His eye is as awesome as that of the mythological Gorgon
    Jeanne Faton, Chief Editor, L’Objet d’Art, 2006
  • The Trendsetter of the Art Market
    Luise Aengeneynd, Weltkunst, 2006
  • Graf defends his integrity as well as his rarefied taste for nineteenth century furniture which he shares: “Roberto has real talent and a sharp eye. Most art dealers are terrible, like sharks, very few operate in good faith.”
    François-Joseph Graf to Christopher Mason, Departures, 2007
  • Roberto is not only an art dealer, he is also an art historian, so we can speak with him as we speak with another curator.
    His desire is to know more and to share this knowledge
    Béatrice Salmon, Director, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, to Christopher Mason, Departures, 2007
  • The Phoenix of the Art Market
    Ralf Eibl, Architectural Digest, Germany, 2008
  • Anthological
    This is how Armelle Malvoisin, Le Journal des Arts, 2009, described Roberto Polo’s collections, and compared them to those of Jacques Doucet, Florence Gould, Karl Lagerfeld, Arturo Lopez-Wilshaw, Hubert de Givenchy, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Jaime Ortiz-Patiño, Mr. and Mrs. John Hay Whitney, André Breton, Henry Ford II and the Wildenstein family.
  • Roberto is a brilliant and enigmatic collector, he is a giant of the profession. He has maybe the best eye in the business. He had it as a collector and he has it as a dealer. Roberto is a man deeply in love with objects – he is a kind of cult figure.
    Kathryn Hiesinger, Curator of European Decorative Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, to Joshua Levine, ForbesLife, 2009

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